Thursday, August 30, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Sketches by UthpalaDL

Yola!..this is uthpala, a sixteen years old "TOM BOY" from sri lanka.
Many of you guys know me, so i don't need to explain about what i am doing and all.
Frankly, if i say, i am still a 12th grade student at southlands college, galle (SL) and yes - Sketching is my hobby...I haven't learned Arts or Sketching as a subject..
So if any of you have any points to give me how to sketch realisticly...please do give me your advice. I really appreciate if you can describe the weak points honestly...So that i can make myself better than this.

I didn't have any idea of starting something like this before, but after my barun sketch got a feedback more than i expected...i was boosted again.So i will post every drawing by me related to IPKKND here time to time.
currently continuing with Abhaas's and Akshay's caz f skul may be i l not be able to complete them.Really trying though...
and i wish to do sketches of Deepali and Sanaya the future.

I have had my luck once and in the first time itself...So hope the next ones will have the same fate of finishing their journey in Arshi's hands...Really trying for it...

and thank you all for supporting me in contests ..

Thank you...
 take care...enjoy ipkknd...

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  1. Dinu...this is awesome. Keep it up !! :)

    please remove word verification here.

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